Welcome to King's Kennels!

King's Kennels is located near Saint John's University in beautiful central Minnesota. Established in 1994, owner Paula King started with the idea of running a business out of her home that could involve Paula's passion for dogs while utilizing the land in its rural setting. Naturally, the perfect fit was the idea of a facility for boarding dogs. Since there were few businesses of this type in the area at that time (let alone one run from a facility right next to her house), the answer was simple -- and King's Kennels was born. 

Paula with her black labs Dash, Briggs and Trae

Paula with her black labs Dash, Briggs and Trae

Paula's 25 years experience working with and caring for dogs made Paula's dream became a reality. Fueled by her life-long passion for dogs, King's Kennels has grown into a successful business. Paula takes her work seriously and is very dedicated to her job. She is fortunate to run her business from her home, which allows her to provide constant care and supervision that few other boarding facilities can offer.

It may sound like a lot of work, but caring for dogs is what Paula loves to do -- and it shows. Paula (with her black labs Dash, Briggs and Trae) has watched her client base grow steadily over the years. Thanks to lots of hard work and dedication, Paula King finally has the dream job of a lifetime, and she enjoys every minute of it.